Revitalize Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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  • Powerful floor cleaner that’s safe to use as an everyday cleaner on hardwood floors
  • Streak free and residue free
  • Leaves superior shine
  • Perfect for daily use or as preparation for restoring or refinishing with Revitalize Floor Polish
  • PH balanced formula with fresh clean scent will not harm your floors finish
  • Neutralizes contaminates, removes old wax buildup and strips away residue from other floor cleaners

Revitalize Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a powerful floor cleaner that will transform your daily cleaning leaving a sparkling shine with no streaks or residue.  This pH-balanced formula will not harm your floors and is safe to use as an everyday cleaner. It has a clean scent and is powerful enough to remove grease, grime, and dirt.  Revitalize Hardwood Floor Cleaner neutralizes old wax and cleaner residue leaving behind a shine without streaks. This cleaning powerhouse is also recommended for frequent use in maintaining floors at peak cleanliness and luster.

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