Frequent Questions

How long will Revitalize Floor Restorers last?

The application of Rejuvenate Floor Restorer can last 3 to 6 months, depending on floor traffic, after which point you can re-apply and continue to enjoy that spectacular finish and shine. Rejuvenate Floor Shine Refresher typically lasts 1-3 months. Wood Floor Professional Restorers will last for years, depending on traffic.

How much area will a bottle of Floor Restorer cover?

The original 32 oz. bottle of Rejuvenate Floor Restorer and Shine Refresher covers approximately 650 square feet of flooring. A bottle of 32oz Wood Floor Professional Restorer will cover approximately 525 square feet.

Can I reuse the microfiber applicators/towels/bonnets/mitts?

Yes you can! Simply hand wash the applicator immediately after use and allow it to air-dry. Do not allow product to dry on the microfiber.

Can Revitalize Floor Restorers be removed from my floors?

Yes! Revitalize floor restorers can be safely removed from your floors. Please contact our customer service department for further instructions:


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